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Welcome, from BPTA Leadership

Welcome to Buena Park Teachers Association, also known as the BPTA. This website is dedicated to teachers serving children in Buena Park. We belong to the North Orange County United Teachers organization that includes the school districts of Brea Olinda, Fullerton Elementary, Fullerton High School, and the La Habra School District.

The BPTA leadership consists of teachers who comprise an executive board and a representative council from each school. Both groups play an essential role in budget negotiations, fairness issues, teacher training, and mentoring future leaders. 

As a member of the California Teachers Association, and the National Education Association, BPTA keeps teachers informed of local, state and national education policy that protect and promote the rights of teachers and most importantly, the rights of students to receive a free and appropriate education in our public education system. 

BPTA President: Karen Musurlian

Your school site reps: 

BPJH: John Luksetich and Jodie Wackerman

Beatty: Cristina Sousa and Doug Gunderson

Corey: Kay Santos and Jenni Gerdes

Emery: Bob Mize and Steve Little

Whitaker: Sally Santos and Nancy Brooks

Gilbert: Cindy Sweet, Rachelle Montelli, and Jennifer Krowel

Pendelton: Jay Becklheimer, Cindy Flores and Keith Quijada

District Office: Osborn, Andy

NOCUT: 749 S. Brea Blvd., Suite 42, Brea, CA 92821-5388

Email: nocutgeneralmail@aol.com Phone: 714-256-9900 Fax: 714-256-9785

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