The Biggest Misconceptions About Teachers’ Unions—Debunked

Unions are professional organizations. They provide services for teachers that cover an incredible gamut of purposes. Yet, despite all the positive work teachers’ unions do for students, and education in general, some groups continue to criticize these organizations without really understanding their purpose and their function.

Reform of California’s school finance system likely

As state watches, LA Unified tests new ways to grade teachers

Robin Wynne Davis was taken aback last year when the state test score gains of her third-grade students at Melrose Elementary School labeled her a less-than-stellar teacher.

“I am just an average teacher, according to that data, but if you look at my class and see how many children are proficient and advanced, it’s a lot of kids,” said Wynne Davis, now an instructional support coach for Melrose Elementary in central Los Angeles."

Survey shows growing support for online education in California

In new USC Dornsife/L.A. Times poll, 59% of respondents said increasing online classes at public universities will make education more affordable and accessible.

Nation's Graduation Rate Nears a Milestone

At the beginning of the last decade, before concerns about the nation's graduation rate ascended to prominence on the policy agenda, only about two-thirds of U.S. public school students were finishing high school with a regular diploma. A new analysis from the Editorial Projects in Education Research Center finds that the graduation rate for America's public schools stands just shy of 75 percent for the class of 2010, the most recent year for which data are available.

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